Casa Pihlakas

This elegant home stands out for its rational design. It has all the important apaces such as store rooms and wardrobes that make everyday life comfortable.

In the large sunny living room there is a modern cooking island. There are two spacious single bedrooms and a double bedroom. The sauna area may become a study area, spa or can be used for any other purpose.

Pihlakas was born as a loghouse with external insulation. Like all wooden houses it can also be built as a timber frame home and its external finishes will give it the looks and style desired by the owner – plaster, stone, wood, etc.

  • Floors
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Net area
    120,6 m²
  • Terraces
    35,2 m²
ESTIA HOUSE OÜ - Case in legno - Metsakasti tee n. 12, 74019 Viimsi - Estonia - Registro ditte n. 11207075 - Rappresentanti legali: Kaja Männiko Mauro Peduzzi