Villa Märt

The two-storey home Märt is ideal for larger families.

It represents everything we expect from a real home – space, cosiness, style and good design.

The internal layout of this house is a perfect example of practicality – there are plenty of closets and wardrobes that assist in keeping your house in order. For those who do not need the sauna, this can become a mini spa, a workshop, a study or as required.

Mart was originally designed as a loghouse (with external or internal insulation for minimum thermal transmittance) which makes it an elegant cosy home for rural areas. However, like all wooden houses, it can also be made timber frame building and its finishes will give it the style desired by the owner – plaster, stone, wood, etc. With stone or plaster finishes it becomes an elegant and particular urban villa.

  • Floors
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Net area
    202,4 m²
  • Terraces
    35 m²
ESTIA HOUSE OÜ - Case in legno - Metsakasti tee n. 12, 74019 Viimsi - Estonia - Registro ditte n. 11207075 - Rappresentanti legali: Kaja Männiko Mauro Peduzzi