Building from wood

Estia has its headquarters in Estonia, a land with a land of centuries of tradition in building from wood. We use the best of all types of construction from wood – from the best known prefabricated timber frame houses and traditional loghouses till cross laminated timber costructions.

Prefabricated loghouses

Logs are the most ancient and traditional, and today undoubtedly the most ecological building materials in Northern Europe.
Today loghouses can be built from natural, machine finished logs, hand finished logs or glue laminated logs if more refined and crack free finishing is required.

Timber frame houses

Prefabricated timber frame houses represent a modern solution of wooden constructions. This production technique produces excellent thermal insulation. Timber frame panels are now the most used technology in civil construction, since over the years it has proven to be durable, economical and ecologically sustainable.

Cross laminated timber houses

The components produced with the CLT technology are wooden panels made of crossed wood fibers. This material guarantees great stability and excellent load resistance and is therefore indicated in large and multi storey buildings.
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