Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the construction technologies and materials we use, adapting standard projects to customers needs, costs and logistics.


Is it possible to order a custom designed house kit?
Yes, we do our best to meet all customer’s requests, including customising standard projects and producing houses on customer’s own project.
Can I arrange the construction of my timber frame or log house myself?
For experienced builders a timber frame house as well as a log house is easy to construct following our detailed construction manuals.
How much does a log house settle?
It depends on the profile of the logs used. For solid log profiles the settlement is about 3-4% for every meter of height. If glued laminated log profiles are used you will have settlement around 1%. Since the settlement is taken into consideration during the engineering process you can move into your new home right away.
Do log and timber frame houses require particular solutions regarding utilities (pipe lines, sewer, etc.)?
No, all traditional solutions work fine with log houses as well as with timber frame houses.
Which type of foundation is best suited for a log house or a timber frame house?
The type of foundation needed depends the properties of the soil and ground on the building site and the size of the house. You can use any type of foundation (pier foundation, strip foundation, base slab). Due to the lower weight of a wooden construction, the cost of the foundation is remarkably reduced comparing to that of a concrete or stone construction.
Is the size of the log house limited by the length of the logs used?
No, the length of the logs does not dictate the size of the house or individual rooms. The lengths of materials or building elements are only restricted by the measures of the trucks.
Does a log house or a timber frame house need to be constructed in summer?
No, one important advantage of a log house or a timber frame house is that they can be built all year round. Neither rain nor the sun or low temperatures affect the outcome in any way.
Does the construction site need any special preparation before the assembly of the log part of the house?
The site has to have access roads for heavy trucks, the foundation should be ready and the ground smoothed.


Does a log house need any maintenance after completing?
A log house does need some initial care from the new owner, i.e. adjusting metallic tie rods and metallic regulating rods once a year for the first two years. The work needed is minor and we provide detailed care instructions on the completion of the house.
What kind of external and internal finishing materials are recommended?
For external finishing, wood paint or UV reflecting glazes are recommended. For internal finishing, we recommend water based glazes, paints or natural oils and waxes. We deliver these materials with the house kit if the customer wishes so.
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