Who are we and what do we do ?


We design and build, to individual requirements , all types of wooden houses which are modern styled, energy efficient and built to all up to date ecological standards.

Estia House is based in Estonia , a country with huge natural timber resources of high quality due to the slow growth characteristics of cold climate forests. The people of Estonia have a wood working skill which extends back over centuries and this is reflected in the fact that the export of various formats of wooden buildings is a major export success story for the economy of the country.

Since independence in 1992 extensive investment has been in made in high specification automatic CNC woodworking machinery and this technology linked with

comprehensive training of skilled personnel ensures that all production meets the high quality standards required to produce “ custom built “ timber structures.

Estia House staff offer a complete “ hands on “ service which covers involvement with clients in all aspects of initial planning , design, recommendations and assistance with final construction.

There are no technical limits to timber construction , your imagination is all we need to start a discussion. Gyms, Offices , apartments, stables are just some of the buildings which we are happy to discuss and plan.

We are confident and have the experience to answer any questions that you may have to please get in contact and lets start talking.

Our Story

The founder of Estia House, Mauro, was born in Lake Como , Italy and after graduating from Civil Engineering College in 1987 he joined his family business of Construction and technical consulting.

For the next 18 years Mauro gained extensive experience in all parts of the construction industry with a specialization in design and restoration of domestic and commercial buildings.

In 2005 came the move to Estonia and an early project was to design and build a timber frame house for himself and family. This experience introduced Mauro to the impressive capabilities of the Estonian wooden house building industry and the result was a beginning of the new business of exporting timber buildings to Italy.

Initial work was concentrated on the representation of existing Estonian producers but planning was continuous to develop the ideas of designing and building customized houses exactly to individual client’s requirements.

Estia House was formed and after a careful and well planned initial stage the first Timber Framed house was supplied to Italy to be built in Mauro’s home time of Lake Como. Since that initial project has been steadily expanded and today most provinces of Italy have installed wooden houses designed and built by Estia House.
Today Estia House has a dedicated team of architects, engineers and customer liaison personnel who are actively engaged in dealing with new clients in Italy and Switzerland. This team is dedicated to the complete service taking a client from initial discussions, design criteria , production and internal finishing of a house to the construction and handing over of a home to be lived in.

In all planning , design and construction Estia House remains dedicated to maintaining the highest standards and quality control of all advise and recommendations given and in the selection and use of construction materials in our houses.

We are proud of our history and our service and in the products that we can offer and look forward to bringing our expertise and professionalism to all new clients.

The first stage is the initial discussion on budget and costings as from this we can start to work on the customized solution to any questions raised Please complete the initial enquiry form below with as many ideas as you have concerning the house of your dreams , External and internal finishing , size of land plot , sketches or drawings are all helpful to allow us to get started and to make recommendations to develop your ideas into the reality of a new home.




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Estia House staff offer a complete “ hands on “ service which covers involvement with clients in all aspects of initial planning , design, recommendations and assistance with final construction.
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