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We design and construct all sorts of wooden houses that are contemporary in style, energy efficient, and constructed to meet current ecological standards, according to individual needs.

Because cold climate woods develop slowly, the country where Estia House is located – Estonia – has abundant high-quality natural timber resources. The fact that the export of various types of wooden houses is a significant export success story for the economy of the country reflects the centuries-old woodworking expertise of the Estonian people.

Since the country gained independence in 1992, significant investments have been made in high-end automatic CNC woodworking equipment. This technology, combined with thorough training of skilled workers, ensures that all production meets the strict quality requirements needed to create “custom built” timber structures.

The experts at Estia House provide a thorough, “hands-on” service that includes collaborating with customers on all facets of initial planning, design, suggestions, and support for final construction.

Your imagination is all we need to get the conversation going because there are no technical restrictions on timber building. We are even delighted to talk about and plan more unusual structures such as gyms, offices, flats, and stables.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can start a conversation. We are confident and have the experiences and knowledge to address them.

Our story

Mauro, the Estia House founder, was born in Lake Como, Italy, and after graduating from Civil Engineering College in 1987, he joined his family’s construction and technical consultancy firm.

For the following 18 years, Mauro worked in all facets of the construction business, with a focus on designing and renovating residential and commercial structures.

The family moved to Estonia in 2005, and one of the first projects was to plan and construct a wood frame home for themselves. Mauro’s exposure to the astounding capabilities of the Estonian wooden home construction industry as a result of this experience led to the start of a new company that exports timber structures to Italy.

The focus of the first effort was on the representation of current Estonian manufacturers, but planning to develop the concepts of designing and manufacturing specialized homes precisely to meet the needs of particular clients was ongoing.

After carefully and thoughtfully planning the initial stage, Estia House was established, and the first Timber Framed House was sent to Italy to be constructed near Lake Como, where Mauro was raised. Since then, the initial project has steadily grown, and the majority of the Italian regions now have wooden homes erected that Estia House planned and constructed.

A committed group of architects, engineers, and customer service representatives work at Estia House today, actively interacting with new customers in Italy and Switzerland. This team is committed to providing a customer with a full range of services, including initial consultations, design standards, production, and interior finishing of a home, as well as building and delivery of a finished residence.

Estia House remains committed to upholding the highest standards and quality control in all planning, design, and building, as well as in the choice and use of construction materials in our homes.

We take great pride in our history, our customer service, and the items we can provide, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and professionalism with all new customers.

The first step is the initial budget and costings conversation since from there, we can begin to work on the specially designed response to any issues identified. Please fill out the first inquiry form below as fully as possible, including all of your ideas for the house of your dreams. A new home’s exterior and interior finishes, the size of the property, and sketches or drawings all help us get started and provide advice on how to turn your thoughts into reality.

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