The assembling of a loghouse starts with building up the walls from logs cut and numbered in factory. Then the roof is assembled and in the end doors and windows are fixed. We prefer to supply the complete house kit to minimise the construction time and problems with logistics and deliveries.

Natural or glue laminated logs can be used, both round or square. The wood we use are pine (pinus sylvestris) or spruce (picea abies) grown and processed in Estonia or Finland.

Glue laminated logs don’t crack and remain flawless forever, natural logs get characteristic superficial cracks over time.

Loghouses can be built up to three floors in height with no static or seismic problems, thus being able to satisfy most customers’ requests.

To improve the energetic characteristics of these walls, internal or external insulation is applied, depending on the customer’s needs and based on the type of external finish in mind.

Prefabricated loghouses can also be finished in plaster, stone, brick or other materials to satisfy all tastes and requirements.