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The timber frame houses we offer are made in collaboration with highly qualified and specialized Estonian producers. The assembly lines of the processing plants are completely automatic, while the cutting and milling are carried out by modern CNC machines that guarantee maximum precision.

The use of modern systems for the production of the house frame is characterized by a consistent computerization of the processes, starting from the numerical control cutting and milling operations of the basic elements. The whole process confers resistance and longevity to the building.

The production line of prefab timber frame houses starts with the cutting of the raw material, followed by the assembly of the wooden frames. Subsequently, the rock wool is inserted for the insulation and closing of the elements with finishing panels. All these phases are managed by mechanized production lines, under the supervision of the quality control staff.

Thanks to our specialized systems it is possible to make deliveries quickly and effectively even in the case of large orders (for example, imagine an order of 50 houses).

The production lines of the elements consist of various steps:
• Computerized preparation of the wooden frame
• Preparation of the frames in the areas of the openings
• Installation of insulating materials (automatic)
• Computerized fixing of the closing panels (OSB3)
• Automatic wall overturning system
• Installation of the vapor barrier, windproof sheets and battens
• Assembly of the plaster panel

The whole process guarantees our prefabricated frame houses a final result of the highest quality and precision. The elements produced in these modern factories the final assembling of the house simple and quick.